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bullet Answer : Aluminum composite panels Alubond many applications in industry, construction, interior design, exterior store shopping centers, fairs and exhibitions and many other items. Extensive knowledge of product flexibility, tips for large projects architects. Building industry: Aluminum composite sheets usually "to view external metal in construction projects such as airports, massive towers multipurpose (commercial - residential) large exhibition halls and pump gasoline. Interior design, exhibitions, exhibition Vghrfh: Smooth, stable and flexible range of different colors makes Alubond the product has been popular and apartment complexes, buildings and roofs commonly used design. This product is also designed exhibitions and stalls, where visionary design with vibrant colors with high stability and easy installation is required, is recommended. Back to stores and shopping centers: Alubond equipment that can be used to build a conventional 3-D on the following deals, plastic, and wood SS, Alubond to a new stage has brought innovation. A combination of the above mentioned materials Alubond achieves a new technology designed for different views, participate in different programs, as well as exhibitions and exhibition stands is. Other Uses: Other uses include the body of heavy machinery, screen door, wall, roof and façade is Dyvarvghyrh.
bullet Answer : Aluminum composite sheet is also known by the name of someone I or aluminum composite materials. This combination of two aluminum shell plates attached to a compressed core of polyethylene or organic core.

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