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However, the Iranians have a long history and the physical appearance of the buildings are old and in the history of lime plaster and tiles and bricks to go and have been used for physical appearance. The result of artistic work and also technical and architectural principles and monuments and historic buildings such as mosques Iranian manufacturers can be found in many cities, including Shiraz, Tabriz, Isfahan and many of the building, monument and tomb, and many another ancient and historical monuments anywhere in the country, the Ynh observed. total destruction of the facade of the building and to the preservation and restoration of landscapes and buildings seem to be completely refurbished and repaired the damaged parts. Objective evidence of physical appearance the problem of noise pollution in the cloud with larger cities are found. Construction at the present time, the sound insulation of facades of glass and laminated glass using gases such as argon-filled or gap between them, the better results (the use of outside light for lighting indoor and prevent abnormal sounds inside) to have higher efficiency. Views with stone, brick and concrete as well as the sound insulation Lowe recalled helping to increase the durability and sustainability of buildings against weather and environmental conditions (earthquake, wind, humidity and corrosive acid rain, frost, acid gases air pollution in large cities, such as ultraviolet solar radiation, dust and soot-containing chemicals) And increase the useful life of the building.
Date: 2/12/2015