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Types of building facade
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The external facade of the building to say. Can be of various materials such as brick facade facades - cemented types - Stones - Different colored stone beads with special adhesives or aluminum metal sheets, etc. will be used. Brick facade Brick for brick facade should be prepared for viewing using bricks Nmvdayn Bahi colors - red - pied in the market. Mortar, mortar, brick facades are usually Shmshh. spreading the mortar at the front and the other side is dependent on the facade. Brick must be arranged in all vessels with string and plumb line. It should be noted that the slurry wall when the slurry is poured into the facade As such, it will be made on an unpleasant sight. Generally viewing or pouring a slurry of brick should be ignored. Hyper is used. named. it should be behind bars by so-called special Askvb say was a solid wall Askvb different types. There are also a variety of features such as board Symanynmay cement trowel - corn - Hammer - cement wash, etc., each with different colored sand grains are made on site. Shmshh be measured. Then between the sand and cement mortar filled with Shmshh. During cement and also a few days after that date must be at least three to four times a cemented wall to be wet by water. Otherwise, sand, cement consumed in powder form and will collapse with the slightest touch. All viewing is better at least 30 cm below the stone plaque in an artery or vein stone inserted. the ax and so on. Dygrgahy time for viewing shots of other materials including aluminum sheets or ceramic tile color or color, etc. are also used. Arch Krdnnd so still some buildings in Yazd and Kerman monotony of the desert are covered by the arc. Qvsqvs define the part of one or more of the circle next to each other and cover the opening. Arch's common types are as follows: 1. semicircular arc The simplest types of arcs semicircular arc full Bashdlt vogue vogue because it is faster and better at the Arch forces are transmitted vertically to peer Mygrdnnd walls. Arch half full circle diameter is determined by the radius. In the event that the semicircular arcs Ajr’ in height or longer is not possible due to the part of the semicircular Ajra’nmvd Qvs·hara. 2. Shah Abbasi arch The arc of the Arch of the most common is the mystical meaning of the monuments of architecture, especially the Safavid period is used. The Arch type the names of seven or eight parts, etc. Nyzrayj Vyapnj Aloe arborescens is usually drawn by two radii and the center has a radius of curvature is maintained by the rich and different centers. Arc tetra- Ab arch opening into four equal parts Ab arch opening into ten equal parts Arch opening into eight equal parts The four-part arc short Oval arch openings and rich custom is. For the meeting of different earth construction does not harm across it to make June the From June from one another depending on the terrain, and about every 20 to 30 meters and that the religion through which cuts across all the June was the snub. Expansion joints in the roof The high-rise buildings in two adjacent buildings or Aja’ will vary with height must be carried out in June or expansion joints must be at least one-hundredth the width of the gap height of the building is shorter. A visit to the quake-hit areas was done because it was observed that these structures taller building Vkvtahtr Phlvzdh together and cause damage has been intensified. As at June metal or concrete columns will be used to separate the two columns. usuallyˈyo͞oZHo͞oəlē
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